Certificates and Domain Names

Greetings guys! I have been doing a lot of Cisco’s Mobile and Remote Access deployments since the first shut down. People are frequently asking me about two things. How do I get my domain name registered and which certificate authority should I go with? The first step in getting ready for Mobile and Remote Access is having a domain that is registered and can be verified so you can purchase a certificate for that domain. If you are looking to register your domain I recommend https://www.wesslyou.com/. 

I have worked with many certificate authorities and my favorite thus far is digicert. When getting ready for your MRA deployment, please go with the following certificate: https://lnkd.in/gfBf-xS You will need a SAN cert and the slots required depends on your deployment. Tip: do not buy a slot for Expressway Core. I continue to use digicert because they allow you to create duplicates of certificates and install one cert on as many servers as you need without revoking the previously installed certificates. Usually one certificate with 9 slots will take care of an entire Mobile and Remote Access deployment. 

If you need help with MRA, feel free to reach out. 

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