COBRAS Export Fail IMAP Rejected

COBRAS Export Fail


We have a Cisco Unity Connection server that we are migrating from one server to another server.  We have already installed, restored configuration, upgraded, and prepared the server for production; however, 


The first step is to verify that the port is open from the PC that you are running COBRAS on.  You can do this by trying telnet from the PC to the port 7993.

telnet 7993

If the port is closed then try restarting the Connection IMAP Server and Connection SMTP Server Services in Cisco Unity Connection Serviceability.


Try to telnet again. telnet 7993 If it still does not work you can run a packet capture on the CLI of Cisco Unity Connection utils network capture eth0 file packets count 1000000 size all then press ctrl + c to cancel the capture. Then use Real-Time Monitoring Tool to download the packet capture or alternatively an sftp server. To download the packet capture to the SFTP server from the CLI use the following command: file get activelog platform/cli/* and follow the wizard.  

You've got this! your future is in your hands.